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Kill It 357g by 5% Nutrition - BodyNutrition

Kill It 357g
by 5% Nutrition

Kill It by 5% Nutrition is a Pre-Workout supplement formulated to intensify your workout. Created to support energy, muscle pumping and mental focus, thanks to targeted and exclusive ingredients, such as MagnaPower.


Don't Just Do Your Workout, KILL IT!

- Energy to Annihilate Your Workout,
- Extreme, Insane Pump,
- Attack the Weights Endurance,
- Laser Sharp Focus.

When it comes to your pre-workout, you don't want another product that is overloaded with stimulants and little else - you want a product that will power you through your workouts.

Don't Just Go Through the Motions, Destroy the Weights!

KILL IT is that product - it was created to give you the drive to push through your toughest workouts AND cover all the angles: energy, focus, pump, strength and power! That's what a great pre-workout is all about!

KILL IT is hardcore enough to give you the results you want; you're going to train with animal intensity, you're going to finally hit those extra growth-producing reps you've been struggling to get, and you are going to experience a pump so intense it's going to hurt!

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357 g
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1 Kg
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Perfetto ed efficace


Grazie Gary!

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