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After by BioTech USA | Body Nutrition (EN)
After by BioTech USA | Body Nutrition (EN)

by BioTech USA

After by BioTech USA is a post-workout supplement containing amino acids, creatine and micronutrients. With the addition of HMB, it is ideal for promoting muscle and energy recovery after training.


Flavoured post-workout drink powder with amino acids, creatine, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

  • With 7 different added amino acids.
  • With 4g BCAAs and L-glutamine.
  • With buffered creatine.
  • No preservatives.
  • Aspartame-free.

What product to put in the shaker after your workout?

During intensive sports and exercise you burn a lot of calories. You should replace the lost energy, otherwise your body will want to reload it by breaking down your muscles, the very muscles you are working hard to build. Don't lose what you have been working on so hard. The replenishment of precious nutrients, minerals and salts you lost during workout is essential to regeneration and muscle growth. But it does matter what you use for this purpose. You will definitely need protein, carbohydrates and many other useful nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You don't want the hassle of mixing it yourself? Wouldn't it be nice only to relax while your muscles are built?

Lean back and enjoy your rest!

After is a complex, flavoured post-workout formula of BioTechUSA in powder format that contains all the extremely important active ingredients that your body could need after a workout. It contains essential amino acids, sugar and complex carbohydrates with a combined glycemic index as well as buffered creatine monohydrate. The extra ingredients - a lot of vitamins and minerals - help the metabolism of these substances along with the better functioning of the muscles. For example, chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels. The formula contains zinc that plays a role in the normal protein synthesis and healthy carbohydrate metabolism. The active substances also include vitamin C, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 and these three components together reduce fatigue and tiredness, while they also support the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Let's see the numbers!

Per serving (21 g):

4000 mg BCAA in the ratio of 2:1:1

5930 mg Glutamine Complex

3000 mg creatine

5.3 g carbohydrates per serving

330 mg Ca-HMB

With 4 different vitamins and 4 minerals

How, when and to whom?

Immediately after power and endurance sports.

For muscle retention and faster post-workout recovery if you do martial arts.

Why do you need amino acids, including BCAA?

Proteins are the most important components of living cells while amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Some amino acids (the non-essential amino acids) even the body can produce, while the essential amino acids you have to take in with your meals. Amino acids and the proteins that these amino acids form are essential to a number of metabolic processes. Amino acids have an important role in the production of hormones, neurotransmitter compounds and enzymes. In addition, they also serve as a source of energy as well as carbohydrate and lipid generating nutrients. Animal-derived foods are the richest sources of essential amino acids, while plant-based foods do not often include all of them. BCAAs, that is, branched chain amino acids are a special category within essential amino acids. Only three amino acids are BCAA: leucine, isoleucine and valine have a very important role in muscle building. That is why it is essential to continuously replenish all three, because your body cannot produce them on its own.

Like all BioTechUSA products, After consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age.

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.

BodyNutrition recalls the importance of following a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.

The product descriptions used on this website belong to the manufacturers. BodyNutrition assumes no responsibility for their accuracy.

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