Fiber supplements

The dietary fibers are the portion indigestible of food of plant origin; indigestible because man lacks the enzymes needed for their digestine.

The fibers belong to the class of carbohydrates and are made up of a long chain polysaccharide, basically a long chain of sugars; some, however, are not part of this class (see lignine). For this property not to be digestible, they have very little caloric value to humans. Are also essential for proper intestinal health.

Acacia Fiber Organic Powder by NOW Foods | Body Nutrition (EN)
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NOW Foods

Acacia Fiber Organic Powder

Size : 340g
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NOW Organic Acacia Fiber powder is a natural, pure soluble dietary fiber produced from the gum of the Acacia tree. 
Cultivate 96 caps by San | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Cultivate 96 caps

€31.06 €38.35
Cultivate by San Nutrition is a prebiotic, probiotic and plant enzyme supplement for active people and to promote the highest possible level of amino acid absorption.
Green Supreme Fusion 316g by San | Body Nutrition (EN)
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    Green Supreme Fusion 316g

    Green Supreme Fusion from SAN is a superfood supplement based on concentrated plant extracts, enzymes and lactic ferments.
    Light & Tight (28 caps) by Evogen | Body Nutrition (EN)
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    Light & Tight (28 caps)

    €33.88 €61.60
    Light & Tight by Evogen helps to gently flush your gut and intestines of all the waste buildup that has accumulated inside of you. 
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