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Stress is a physiological response of the organism to a series of negative stimuli that are experienced in everyday life, at work, in the family or resulting from a state of anxiety caused by the uncertainties of the future. There are subjects more or less prone to stress, bad mood and depression, but beyond his own nature, all is happen at least once in your life to feel down on yourself, or particularly nervous and agitated.

In this sense, of the supplements targeted can be of assistance, thanks to the herbal extracts rich in principles that help to relax or lift the mood in cases of sadness or depressive states. Some plants are specifically used as a control of mood swings during menopause, others are useful to combat the depression of seasonal, or as a support in case of nervous exhaustion.

L-Tryptophan 500mg 120 vcaps by Now Foods
  • -40%
Mood Control


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