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    Maca 500mg
    by Natrol

    Maca by Natrol is a supplement based on Maca, a South American root that helps support sexual vitality, improve fertility, stamina and energy.


    Natrol Maca 500mg 60 caps

    Enhances Fertility and Desire. 

    Natrol Maca may help promote libido and sexual health function in women and men. Maca is traditionally used for its energizing, aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties. 

    Maca is a cruciferous vegetable in the mustard family, related to radishes and turnips. Used as food and medicine in the Andes Mountains of Peru, it is not known to occur naturally anywhere else in the world. Maca contains substantial quantities of protein, fat, fiber, and minerals including iron, which also contribute to its nutritional value. 

    For women, Maca may: Relieve PMS symptoms, provide menopause symptom relief (hot flashes), aid sexual stimulation, nourish glandular system, be an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy, increase stamina & athletic performance, increase energy, and balance hormones. 

    For men, Maca may: Increase energy, aid sexual dysfunction, increase stamina & athletic performance, nourish glandular system, enhance fertility, improve physical & emotional well being, promote mental clarity, and balance hormones. 

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