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A lot of work went into the original Oatein Flapjack Bar. It was developed for a period of 9 months. Using their extensive expertise and know-how, together with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Oatein has created a new snack sports delicious and nutritious.

The new flapjack of Oatein was unique and a leader in the fitness industry. A delicious snack of oatmeal that has the taste of homemade pancakes, but that contains the nutritional benefits of a rod-enriched proteins. Oatein has opted for a recipe based on oats as a formula and healthy without the guilt to the success.

The Oatein Flapjack is available in 6 fantastic flavours including Banoffee Pie, Cherry Bakewell, peanut Butter, chocolate, Cheesecake, strawberry, chocolate and cookies and cream.

Due to the great success of the flapjack, Oatein has decided to make the most mouth-watering delicacies. The Super Cookie Oatein they arrived after. Delicious sweets with about 16 g of protein per 75 g. Made with natural ingredients, oats, soft and natural proteins, these snacks offer a taste brilliant, proteins and fibres. The Super Cookie is available in 4 wonderful flavors; Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, white chocolate and blueberry and the salty caramel.

Finally, the Oatein Brownie ... Like the flapjack and the cookie is healthy and delicious and provides the nutrition of a high quality. The Oatein Brownies are available in three tasty flavors; Cookies and cream, slivers of white chocolate and double chocolate.

The products Oatein are hand-made in the United Kingdom and baked in the oven to ensure freshness and extraordinary taste.