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TruZMA by PEScience - BodyNutrition
TruZMA by PEScience - BodyNutrition
TruZMA by PEScience - BodyNutrition

by PEScience

TruZMA PEScience is a patented form of ZMA supplement, an essential ingredient for men and women for muscle recovery.


ZMA + TruFulvic Supplement


The research on the patented ZMA® in TruZMA shows it is an essential supplement for everyone in the fitness community, male or female. Below is a summary of the impressive human research done on NCAA football players taking ZMA.

Supports strength & power
Supports sleep quality
Supports testosterone
Along with its remarkable abilities, TruZMA provides a great source of zinc and magnesium in high quality forms. No low quality here!


TruFulvic® is an up and coming ingredient that combines perfectly with ZMA. This high quality purified shilajit has been researched twice in the journal of Andrologia showing impressive results in supporting testosterone.

Take TruZMA prior to bed for best results.

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