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According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, protein requirements minimum for vegans is about 0,41 grams per kilogram of body weight, which is slightly higher than the standard RDA of 0.36 grams per pound. The difference is because the protein in plant-based are digested in a different way than animal-based. However, they claim that the protein needs of athletes and vegans may be more than double that (about 0,86 grams per pound), especially when it comes to powerlifters, bodybuilders, endurance athletes and others engaged in an intense workout.

Get lots of protein without whey or meat is a daunting task. But, in a study published in the Nutrition Journal, Dr. Jager, and a team of researchers at the University of Tampa concluded that the rice may be up to the challenge. In the study, a group of males trained to the resistance took 48 grams of whey protein after the workout, and another took 48 grams of rice proteins.2 The researchers concluded that at high doses like these, rice protein is comparably effective to whey protein in increasing lean body mass, strength and power.

"The consumption of protein isolates of rice after resistance exercise decreases fat mass and increases lean body mass, the hypertrophy of the skeletal muscles and the strength that the strength in numbers comparable to the isolated protein of serum of milk, on the condition that the overall volume is relatively adequate," says Jager.

In other words, while there may be a difference at lower doses such as 10 grams of whey and 10 grams of rice, that difference more or less disappears at higher dosages. The total content of amino acids of a block of rice, the researchers determined, was similar to the protein of the serum, and while the overall absorption of the amino acid of the protein isolate of rice is slightly lower, was just 6 percent, not "statistically significant," says Jager.

More significant, he says, is the fact that, while the whey proteins of the milk are a protein that is quickly digested and casein is a protein of slow digestion, the digestion rate for the protein of brown rice falls in between them. It is also thepoallergenico and free of fats, sugars and sodium.

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