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Amino Tech (375 tablets) by Universal Nutrition - BodyNutrition

Amino Tech (375 tablets)
by Universal Nutrition

Amino Tech Universal Nutrition is a pooled amino acid supplement, with a revolutionary high-tech formula anabolic nutrients. Amino Tech is specifically designed for bodybuilders and strength athletes.


Universal Amino Tech 375 tablets

Amino Tech from Universal is the world's first scientifically- engineered, comprehensive amino acid growth formula. With its revolutionary, high-tech anabolic nutrient complex, Amino Tech is specifically designed for bodybuilders and other strength athletes who are pushing their bodies to the limit. When you are training to develop a stronger body, it is essential to fuel your muscles at the cellular level. Amino Tech's sustained-release technology provides the necessary anabolic and metabolic optimization your body requires. Amino Tech's superior peptide-bonded amino acids are derived from the highest quality lactalbumin, pure egg white protein and superior isolated soy protein (the highest biological-value protein sources).

Comprehensive AA Profile.
Fuels Muscle Tissue.
Sustained-Release Technology.
Vitamins & Minerals.
Growth & Performance Potentiators.
Rich in BCAA's.

Amino Acid Pools
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700 g
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1 Kg
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