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Gloves from Chiba - the specialist for sports gloves and work gloves. Top quality from Germany. Perfect function for optimal performance.

Highest precision craftsmanship, passion for gloves and know-how from five generations of glove making in the family business: these are the attributes that make our Chiba gloves so special. Today's family business includes the headquarters in Teisendorf in the Berchtesgadener Land region as well as our own production facilities in Indonesia. All gloves are designed by the development department in Teisendorf, which ensures that all Chiba products meet the special quality standards that are a matter of course for a glove manufacturer with such a long tradition.

Glove makers since 1853

Our extensive glove product range includes Chiba sports gloves, Chiba cycling gloves, Chiba fitness gloves, Chiba work gloves and Chiba riding gloves. For all these sports products, numerous intelligent solutions have been developed over the years, which have equipped the sports gloves with more and more functions and technical refinements. Especially many innovations have been incorporated in the cycling gloves by Chiba. For example, the Bio-x-Cell system is the salvation for cyclists who suffer from the phenomenon of hands falling asleep on the handlebar. Silicone additives, which are applied to the palm of the hand according to very special patterns, ensure optimum grip of the bike gloves.

Chiba gloves: technologies that make the difference

At our headquarters in Berchtesgadener Land, we also regularly develop innovations for winter sports enthusiasts. For example, many female snow sports enthusiasts are particularly grateful to us, as they are known to suffer especially from icy hands when they are on two boards or one. For these ice-cold hands in winter we have created the perfect solution with the Hotliner system. An integrable heating pad provides comfortable warmth for many hours. Chiba ski gloves with an electric heating system are even more comfortable. Heating wires are integrated into the glove lining and supplied with energy from a rechargeable battery pack. This ensures warm hands for a long day of skiing, even at low minus temperatures. Of course, the warmth comfort and moisture management of Chiba ski gloves is also contributed to by the selected materials we use to manufacture our sports gloves. We use the best leathers, functional softshell, Cordura, carbon or Spantex and always pay attention to a material mix that takes into account the anatomy of the hand on the one hand and ensures the best thermal and protective properties on the other. This is how we create cycling gloves, fitness gloves, ski gloves or wheelchair gloves that you can rely on, no matter how hard you use them and what kind of stress you put them under.

Lady Wristpro by Chiba Gloves | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Lady Wristpro

Fitness gloves
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Chiba Lady Wristpro Fitness Gloves Chiba Lady Wristpro gloves feature elastic materials on the top of the hand for maximum comfort and ease.
Wristguard III by Chiba Gloves | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Wristguard III

Fitness gloves
€19.99 €24.09
The Wristguard III training gloves from the brand Chiba are particularly suitable for all athletes who are looking for protection for their wrists in addition to protection for their hands during intensive training.
Wristguard Protect by Chiba Gloves | Body Nutrition (EN)
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    Wristguard Protect

    Fitness gloves
    Chiba Wristguard Protect, improves your grip on weights. Hands get sweaty during exercise and when they do, your hands can slip, which is not only annoying but can also be dangerous.
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