Anti-catabolic supplements

Processes that reduce catabolism are called anti-catabolic as they decrease or even prevent muscle catabolism. It is important to understand that muscle mass can increase in the presence of less catabolism, either physiologically or through the use of anti-catabolic agents, or through anabolism. In fact, if catabolism is not kept under control it can easily overcome any anabolic process and result in muscle loss.

This is how useful anti-catabolic supplements can be for all athletes who with great commitment build, workout after workout, dietary restriction and sacrifice after sacrifice, the much desired "muscle mass".

Liver & Organ Defender by 5% Nutrition | Body Nutrition (EN)
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5% Nutrition
Liver & Organ Defender
€42.83 €72.60
Liver and Organ Defender Legendary Series is truly an elite level on-cycle, post cycle, and everyday support supplement!
Proven Liver Dtox (60 caps) by Gaspari Nutrition | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Gaspari Nutrition
Proven Liver Dtox (60 caps)
€38.19 €61.60
Gaspari Proven Liver DTOX contains an array of proven natural ingredients to help the liver remove and process the toxins that are robbing your health and performance.
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