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Megabol has one of the longest traditions in the distribution, design and production of dietary supplements. What makes Megabol different is the collaboration with real world-class scientists who evaluate and design their products. That is why Megabol products not only keep up with the level of some more expensive ones, but also some of them are innovations introduced by laboratories.

Since 1994 Megabol has a strong position on the Polish market of nutrients and supplements. In 2004 Poland joined the European Union and since then foreign interest in Polish supplements has grown.

Poland is a country with a long tradition in this field. Products that are considered new in the United States have been used here for centuries. Today it is Polish scientists and potential that follow the latest trends in supplementation. New formulas are produced for Megabol® products and the entire process of extracting the plants is prepared. The result is perfect in its effectiveness and unrivalled price.

Creatine Alkaline 1500 by Megabol | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Creatine Alkaline 1500
Size : 120 caps
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CREATINE ALKALINE 1500 is therefore essential if you want to take your training to the next level.
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