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Multipower is a German supplement company that supports athletes in achieving their goals with the smartest sports nutrition. With an experience in the industry since 1977 and the invention of the protein bar, Multipower stands for excellent taste, high quality.

The Multipower line of supplements is necessary for all those who practice active training. The wide range of highly functional Multipower products facilitates the realization of training goals with the help of easily digestible, high-value combinations of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, with or without carbohydrates and a whole range of other essential first-class nutrients needed for sport. Before, during or after training, as a dietary supplement or substitute, Multipower offers tasty and fresh ready-to-drink drinks based on a concentrate or powder which, depending on the function, are prepared with water or milk.

The products can be found in conventional packaging, either for direct consumption during activities or for home consumption in practical packaging. Multipower adapts to individual training needs and meets user requirements across the main segments.