Body Nutrition is a guarantee of authorized distribution through the internet of American supplements supplied by official importers, in compliance with Italian and European regulations.

BodyNutrition was born from the passion for natural bodybuilding combined with modern food supplementation and for the internet and on-line distribution systems.

With this in mind, at the end of 2001, what was judged to be the best-stocked Italian Superstore of American Integrators opens.

Our mission

Power to give those who have the same passion and perhaps live in a place where it is difficult to find quality American supplements, the possibility of entering a shop accessible from the comfort of their own home via the internet and open 24 hours a day.

Faithful to the philosophy of its founder, Body Nutrition has always stood out in being against the current of the market in which it has entered. In an era in which new brands are flourishing, where prices and the consequent quality of products are at lower and lower levels, we have chosen to distribute only high quality supplements, coming from companies of proven reliability and world leaders. .

The Body Nutrition philosophy

Provide the consumer with the best in the field of supplementation, not necessarily the cheapest, if that means low quality ': supplements that really contain what the label says, that give the results for which they were purchased, that are easily digestible and assimilable, this is our only yardstick for the choice of supplements, to be proposed to a public that is rightly more and more informed and demanding.

International success

This philosophy has led Body Nutrition in just over a year of activity to be a leader in the online distribution of supplements in Italy and in the following years throughout Europe.

Our greatest gratification derives from the satisfaction of our customers, and stimulates us to a continuous search for innovative lines and products, responding to the high quality standards required by us.

In view of Brexit we have strengthened our distribution network, opening an operational headquarters in England and one in Germany.

In this way, deliveries on the English territory are guaranteed with the shipment of orders from the English office. For the rest of Europe, shipments are made from the Italian or German headquarters.

Our tax information

BODY NUTRITION di Di Nunno Marco Leonardo

Via Abate Bruni 90 70052 Bisceglie (BA),

P.I. 05803580728CCIAA-N.REA: BA-440955

Servizio Clienti: +39 (080)8807704

Why choose Body Nutrition

We at offer you our decades of experience, we have been online since 2001.

In these years of changes and evolution of the food supplements market, we have been able to adapt and always stand out with an edge. To overcome the unfair competition that unfortunately distinguishes this market, we at Body Nutrition have opened several European offices, placing ourselves at the top of the distribution companies of supplements and food supplements on the international market; we have never lost sight of our mission: the customer first!

We continue to always guarantee you professionalism, speed and reliability and nevertheless the best economic and qualitative offer.


In addition to the confidentiality of private data as required by law in the field of privacy, we offer the security of a secure SSL connection always active, not only during check-out and data entry, but also when consulting our vast catalog. The green padlock on the browser testifies to the security of our connections: shopping and browsing are safe with us.

Tracked shipments

We ship throughout Europe by DPD certified courier and we send tracking of shipments to be consulted online.

We have implemented a notification service via email or sms of each stage of processing and shipping of orders.

Orders for the UK market are shipped from our UK warehouse.

Supplements expiry date

For each product you have the possibility to view the expiry date in real time, a service that we put at your disposal to reassure you of the high quality, transparency and professionalism of our service.

Online support

Our Customer Care can be consulted online via chat or instant messaging. We make every effort to meet the demands of our customers. If you have a doubt or a particular request, do not hesitate to contact us, our operators are at your complete disposal!

Secure payments

We offer secure forms of payment:

  • PayPal - payment with PayPal account or credit cards;
  • Nexi Pay - payment with credit cards.

Loyalty points

Loyalty points are set aside for each product purchased, which will entitle you to receive extra discounts to be applied on subsequent orders.

You can also get additional discounts by referring us to friends.

Customer testimonials

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