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Body Nutrition was born in 2001 from the passion for bodybuilding, wellness combined with modern supplements and online sales systems. It offers a wide selection of supplements including protein powder, pre workout, vitamins, BCAAs, and more. In this perspective it has been judged the best online supplements site. The most well-stocked European store selling online supplements

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Health and wellness

Wellness supplements represent the new frontier of healthy eating and natural well-being. They can play a key role in counteracting the negative effects of cortisol and free radicals. They help to improve lifestyle and support the immune system.

On our online store, you will find the best ingredients for wellness. Ginseng vitamins and minerals, omega-3e cla for cholesterol control. Ademetionine and magnesium for mood support. Garcinia cambogia, omega rtd, fiber, probiotics and prebiotics. Vegetable carbon and the latest nutrition and supplement for wellness.

Sports supplements

Sports, gym and bodybuilding supplements are intended for athletes and athletes who want to improve muscle mass. Despite a correct lifestyle and an adequate diet, there may be deficiencies due to particular situations of sport practice. You may need specific dietary supplements. Also ideal for those who decide to train at home. On our online catalog we offer the best American and European supplements discounted for sport. American bodybuilding supplements, selected and offered at the lowest prices in Europe. Buy protein online, the simplicity of buying protein online. Myprotein and best bodybuilding and muscle nutrition supplements, gym supplements.

The mission of

For those who have the same passion for food supplementation, bodybuilding, and fitness wellness. For those who perhaps live in a place where it is difficult to find quality American supplements. We offer the opportunity to enter an online store accessible from the comfort of your own home. A virtual store open 24 hours a day to allow the purchase of supplements online.

Why choose us

Our e-shop differs from other supplement sites in that it offers over 7,000 products for wellness and sport. In the same way as supplement stores in Milan, London or New York, but with an assortment that can only be found in online stores.

We have always stood out among the many online sales sites. Differentiating ourselves from those who offer American amino acids banned in Italy. We are so countercurrent to the market of online food supplements. In an era in which new brands are flourishing, where prices and the resulting quality of products are at ever lower levels, we have chosen to distribute only high quality American supplements. Food supplements from proven, world-leading companies such as Muscletech, Biotech USA, Bsn or Optimum Nutrition. In short: the best American gym supplements at a discount.

Only the best supplements

In our store we offer only supplements that really contain what is indicated on the label, which give the results for which they were purchased. This is our only yardstick for the choice of products to offer to an increasingly informed and demanding public.

This philosophy has led Body Nutrition to be a leader in the sale of bodybuilding supplements and American proteins. Among the many sales sites in Italy and Europe Body-Nutrition is on a par with American online sites, in the online distribution of the best American products and American slimming products. With our greatest gratification coming from the satisfaction of our customers, which stimulates us to a continuous research of innovative lines and products.

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