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AK-47 Labs is a new brand of German-made supplements that has established itself in a very short time on the supplement market in Europe, thanks to the innovation and high quality of its products.

Among the most important products of this new brand is the Pre-Workout with targeted ingredients, content and innovative.

AK-47 Labs is available at the lowest prices from the largest distributor of food supplements and sports nutrition in Europe BodyNutrition.biz!

We are proud to be an official supplier for AK-47 Labs to individuals, gyms, supplement shops and sports nutrition websites across Europe!

Burner by AK47 Labs | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Fatburners & Weight loss
€29.60 €32.89
AK-47 BURNER is an effective fat burner based on natural ingredients. Each capsule provides you with a massive 295 mg of caffeine. This will reduce your appetite and increase your energy.
Pre-Workout Paranoia by AK47 Labs | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Pre-Workout Paranoia

€29.60 €32.89
AK-47 Labs Pre-Workout Paranoia is an explosive pre-workout cocktail that will transport you to another dimension.
Pump by AK47 Labs | Body Nutrition (EN)
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€24.74 €27.49
AK-47 Labs PUMP is a volumizing supplement that visibly and noticeably increases pump and is completely caffeine and stimulant free.
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