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Himalaya Europe Herbal Healthcare has transformed an ancient herbal tradition into a complete range of formulas for the contemporary, patented and single herbs that are dedicated to making the world healthy one person at a time.

While driving through the forests of Burma, the founder, mr. M. Manal, saw a villager pacify a restless elephant feeding with the root of the plant Rauwolfia serpentina.

Fascinated by the effect of the plant on the elephant, he returned home to India to search for scientific evidence on why this particular plant had a soothing effect and soothing. The mother of the Young Manal gave him his bracelets to be able to continue working, and so was born the Himalayas.

Once that has fully understood the science behind this special botany, mr. Manal bought a plate for the packaging of tablets hand-operated and began its work. Night, his shoulders would be sore from the produce a few hundred tablets, a small tablet at a time. But his hard work has given its fruits. This remarkable plant would then become a Serpin, the first substance antihypertensive to the world in 1934.

The legacy of the Himalayas has always been the search for the nature and use of the tools of modern science to develop and produce products based on medicinal herbs based on ayurvedic medicine. And today that legacy continues.

Mr. Manal has had a vision of helping people stay well.

Koflet-H by Himalaya | Body Nutrition (EN)
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€2.91 €3.64
Koflet-H by Himalaya helps support respiratory health thanks to pure honey and natural active ingredients. 100% vegetarian
Liv.52 DS by Himalaya | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Liv.52 DS
Size : 60 tablets
€8.73 €13.64
Liv 52 DS by Himalaya is a supplement of plant extracts for liver health, the most important gland in our body, in the new version that increases appetite
Rumalaya Forte by Himalaya | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Rumalaya Forte
Joint Health
Size : 60 tabs
€8.67 €16.36
Rumalaya Forte Himalaya by is a unique formula helps keep joints functional and comfortable, by reducing pain and inflammation, osteoarthritis, back pain.
Rumalaya Gel by Himalaya | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Rumalaya Gel
Joint Health
Size : 50g
€4.34 €8.18
Rumalaya Gel by Himalaya is a fast-acting topical gel that provides relief from joint, neck, back and shoulder pain by its cold and warming effect when rubbed on the skin.
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