Supplements and low-carb diet

When you decide to start practicing a regimen of low-carb diet, or during the continuance of this regime low carboidreti, it is possible that their physical condition, and psycho-physical condition, can go to meet the most critical periods, in which you can do not feel in the best of conditions.

For all those people who lived for a long time a dependency is rather strong in relation to sugars, there has been a greater difficulty to overcome the most difficult periods. It is precisely these subjects that can back particularly useful the insertion of some food supplements in their diet low carb.

Crunch Bar by Warrior | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Crunch Bar
Size : 12 bars
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Warrior Crunch Bar is a protein-energy bar with 20g of protein from noble sources, convenient as a meal replacement to keep the protein balance high.
Mars Hi Protein Bars - Salted Caramel by Mars | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Mars Hi Protein Bars - Salted Caramel
Size : 12 bars
€27.30 €39.00
Mars Hi-Protein Bar is the hyper-delicious protein bar containing 20g of protein, low carbohydrates and fats, in the limited version Salted Caramel
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