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Eat better!

You've chosen a health-conscious lifestyle, but you don't want to miss out on tasty food. After all, good food is one of life's great pleasures. But sometimes it seems sheer impossible to juggle full taste and good nutritional intentions.

At Callowfit, we think that treating yourself shouldn't be a struggle. After all, why shouldn't the healthier option also be the delicious one? Out of our passion for good taste, we have developed a range of exceptional sauces that perfectly suit your chosen lifestyle. 100% indulgence but with 0 ett and 0% added sugar. Discover the true feel-good flavour!

It all starts with taste

Our name, Callowfit, is derived from CALorie LOW FITness. We started out making sports nutrition. But in 2015, we noticed that there was a growing demand among fitness fans for sauces that tasted really good and still fit into a balanced diet.

The sauces available to buy at the time were anything but a treat, as low-calorie sauces were synonymous with little flavour and a disappointing texture. So we set out to find a solution.

Callowfit Sauce by Callowfit | Body Nutrition (EN)
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    Callowfit Sauce
    Sauces and condiments
    Size : 300ml
    Eat health consciously without cutting back. That's Callowfit! All our delicious sauces and dressings are full of flavour and have a pleasant consistency.
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