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#Sinob is a German supplement brand, the company is based near Hamburg. Most of the products under the #Sinob brand are made in Germany and distributed by the company itself. The young company offers high quality products that have quickly established themselves in the supplement market.

#Sinob quality supplements

#SINOB - Shit is not our business! This is the slogan and motto of #Sinob. They want to counter the trend for the best deal and the cheapest product with good raw materials and quality "Made in Germany" and attach great value to sensible and innovative compositions of their products. With this they manage to stand out from the crowd of dietary supplement manufacturers with new combinations of effective ingredients.

In addition to high-quality ingredients, #Sinob also tries to distinguish itself from the masses of suppliers with new taste variations with classics such as whey. For example, Honest Whey is currently available in a limited version as a unicorn cake flavor, but chocolate banana, rice pudding and cinnamon, vanilla ice cream or butter cookie are also available. They've also added HMB, AKG arginine and beta-alanine to their Iso-Protic 2.0, also a protein powder with lots of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Their product range is still manageable, but with their existing supplements they cover most of the additional input needs from strength athletes and bodybuilders and are priced in the mid-range segment.

All Day Every Day by Sinob | Body Nutrition (EN)
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All Day Every Day

Size : 30 packs
€36.99 €52.84
All Day Every Day by Blackline 2.0 - Vitamin packs are ideal if you value your health here are some of the benefits you can expect from All Day Every Day.
Honest Whey+ (1000g) by Sinob | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Honest Whey+ (1000g)

Size : 1 Kg
€33.99 €48.56
We wanted to bring an honest Whey to the market, with Honest Whey we have done so. 12.5% isolate content, external analysis and a great taste! 100% Made in Germany! It's probably the best tasting Whey on the market, at least if you ask us ;)
Increasy Weight Gainer (3500g) by Sinob | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Increasy Weight Gainer (3500g)

Size : 3,5kg
€44.99 €64.27
You have problems with the gains? Can't get down all the calories you need to grow? Then "GAIN now EASY WITH INCREASY" With Increasy we have of course stayed true to our credo #sinob.
Melato9 by Sinob | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Mood Control
Size : 300g
€29.90 €42.71
Melato9 by Blackline 2.0 with melatonin for a shorter sleep time and against jetlag
The Relevant Booster V3 by Sinob | Body Nutrition (EN)
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The Relevant Booster V3

Size : 280g
€29.90 €42.71
Relevant V3 Finally it's here: our The Motherf***ing Relevant V3 pre-workout booster for your effective and focused training with a pump that almost makes your muscles burst!
VEGGY+ Vegan Protein (900g) by Sinob | Body Nutrition (EN)
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VEGGY+ Vegan Protein (900g)

Vegan Proteins
Size : 900g
€26.90 €38.43
The claim was to bring out a vegan protein powder, which is not only sustainable and animal-friendly, but also tastes bombastic. And there it is: our Veggy ! Without soy, without aluminum packaging, without plastic spoons, but with 100% taste!
instant oats by Sinob | Body Nutrition (EN)
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instant oats

Size : 4 Kg
€15.90 €22.71
Blackline 2.0 Instant Oats: Instant Oats or in other words, ground oatmeal! Instant Oats are a great source of carbohydrates and have a low glycemic index.
vitamin C by Sinob | Body Nutrition (EN)
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vitamin C

Vitamin C
Size : 60 caps
€12.90 €18.43
Probably the best vitamin C capsules on the market These capsules have it all. In addition to calcium ascorbate, the particularly well-tolerated and buffered vitamin C, we also use camu camu extract, rosehip extract and acerola powder, i.e. the best natural sources of vitamin C that nature has to offer.
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