Aloe vera supplements

Aloe vera is a plant known especially for its great properties therapeutic. From the inside you get the gel of aloe vera, a substance of multiple features.


There are many reasons to use aloe vera gel, we list 10:


  1. Effect purifying. Aloe vera is perfect for purifying the body. Thanks to the presence of vitamins and mineral salts is the ideal place to take the stress away and to regain a physical form and mental suitable.
  2. It helps the digestion. Maintaining good digestion is very important for our body because it allows it to absorb correctly all of the nutrients in the food. The aloe vera helps it helps to increase the absorption of proteins, and is a real cure for the intestine. The mucopolysaccharides and natural, and anthraquinones, which help to stimulate the bowel lazy and regolarizzarlo. In addition, aloe vera helps against heartburn.
  3. Protects the immune system by tumors. With its many beneficial properties aloe vera supports the functions of the immune system destroying the cancer cells and cancer cells. According to a study from 1995, published on the”International Immunopharmacology” it is shown that the polysaccharides in aloe vera stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a substance with a large power anti-tumour.
  4. Stabilizes the levels of sugar in the blood. The aloe vera allows to maintain low levels of sugar in the blood. In support of this theory there are numerous studies that show how this plant loves dry climates has a lot of anti diabetic.
  5. Repairs the collagen. The juice of aloe vera helps to repair dry and dehydrated skin and is a powerful anti-aging. Also soothes sunburn, cuts, peeling and irritation to the skin.
  6. Helps theoral hygiene and dental health. If drunk in the form of juice, aloe vera acts on the gums with an antiseptic action and in the nutrient. You can also use it as a mouthwash and in the case of bleeding seen his great power of healing.
  7. Improves the cardiovascular function. It has been shown that when extracts of aloe vera are found in the blood, these increase the transportation of oxygen and the ability of the red blood cells. In 2000, an industry study has stated that aloe vera may help prevent cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol levels.
  8. It promotes weight loss. Thanks to the regularization of intestinal function, the aloe vera has properties that make it possible to combat the fatigue arising from a diet. Energy levels are increased and you feel more fresh and active.
  9. Reduces the joint pain. Aloe vera has great anti-inflammatory that helps reduce joint and muscle pain. Just spread it in the form of a gel or ointment, in the affected parts.
  10. It is a moisturizing natural. Aloe vera has moisturizing properties that help maintain the epidermis supple and perfect. Try to do massage with lotions, aloe vera and after some time you will feel great benefits, your skin will be hydrated and healthy. Also releases natural vitamins and enzymes that help to maintain the balance pH of the skin.
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Aloe Pure contains freeze-dried whole leaf aloe ferox. ✓ Contains active enzymes that assist to break down and dissolve foods ✓ 100% freeze dried whole leaf aloe ferox
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Aloe Vera offers a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. 
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KIKI's certified Organic Chlorella is carefully cultured, harvested and dried to retain as much of the nutritional properties as possible. 
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