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Formed in 2010, JNX Sports is the absolute in the field of integration of performance, with the pre-workout supplement widely credited: The Curse!

JNX Sports is a specialized manufacturer with a wide range of products, a high quality evaluation and a guarantee of quality.

If you're looking for high-quality performance, you found in JNX Sports.

Products include, but are not limited to: Pre-workout, fat burners, amino acids and more!

The Curse 250g by JNX Sports | Body Nutrition (EN)
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The Curse 250g

€32.04 €43.89
The Curse is a pre-workout supplement rich in arginine, carnosine, creatine and caffeine optimized to elevate performance levels and promote a rock-solid muscle pump.
The Ripper 150g by JNX Sports | Body Nutrition (EN)
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The Ripper 150g

Fatburners & Weight loss
€27.93 €49.00
The Ripper Cobra Labs is a fat burning supplement that stimulates the metabolism to burn more calories from fat burning.
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