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Controlled Labs manufactures the most effective and highest quality enhancement supplements available for the athlete and bodybuilder.

High quality supplements

Controlled Labs is dedicated to the production and marketing of nutritional supplements while maintaining the highest quality standards with the mission to bring to market highly concentrated supplements for "hardcore" athletes.

The mission of Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs wants to design and produce only supplements of sustained quality and effective to push to the maximum level the muscle building, making productive the daily efforts to which athletes are subjected. Among the top supplements of the brand Controlled Labs multivitamin Orange Triad and Green Magnitude, innovative energizing pre-workout.

Green MAGnitude (336g) by Controlled Labs | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Green MAGnitude (336g)

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Green MAGnitude by Controlled Labs is a volumizing supplement based on a patented creatine matrix that increases your endurance in the gym and gains in size and strength!
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