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Lenny and Larry's, a company founded in 1993, produces fantastic baked goods quality that are not only delicious, but are also rich in protein and fiber.

The cookies full of Lenny & Larry's Vegan, Kosher and Non-GMO has laid the foundations of a spectrum of nutrition completely new: Baked Nutrition. Using only the best ingredients. The "Biscuit-full" Lenny & Larry's is made using their mixture formulated with vegetable proteins. There is absolutely no product of animal origin in these cookies!

The company lives of convenience, so wherever you go ... take a cookie or two with you! Unlike other energy bars and protein powder, these tasty biscuits have a flavor legitimate as the home made biscuits that your mother would do. There is a lot of the flavors excellent from which to choose, and more flavors on the way!

Lenny and Larry's did not stop with the cookies !! Check out their Brownies, and Muscle Muffins and watch this space!

Complete Cookie by Lenny & Larry s | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Complete Cookie

Protein Bars
Size : 12x112g
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Lenny & Larry s Complete Cookie is a delicious tasting protein cookie.
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