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ProFuel was the first German supplement company to embark on a lasting change in the dietary supplement industry. With only high-quality, vegan or plant-based fitness and health products made in Germany.

Unlike then, almost all amateur and professional athletes, or people who "simply" want to promote their long-term health, consciously use vegan and plant-based products. Because it is now undisputed: Vegan food supplements are the best alternative to classic products with animal ingredients for countless reasons.

This positive shift towards high-quality, natural and cruelty-free ingredients naturally not only helps many people feel better, stronger and healthier, but also makes a significant contribution to the protection of so-called farm animals and our environment. Meanwhile, we can boast nearly 10 years of experience in developing vegan/herbal dietary supplements and it is still an absolute privilege for us to be able to pass on our many years of evidence-based experience in the form of only meaningful, high-quality supplements for our customers and our community!