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EAS has been a historic American brand of dietary supplements. Founded in Pacific Grove, California in 1992 by biochemist Anthony Almada and businessman Ed Byrd. After discovering the possible benefits for athletes of creatine monohydrate supplementation, they purchased a kilogram of creatine in December 1992 and began testing.

The first creatine monohydrate supplement

In 1993 Almada and Byrd released the first commercially available creatine supplement specifically for strength and muscle building under the EAS Phosphagen brand. That same year, their product caught the attention of Bill Phillips, publisher of Muscle Media 2000 (usually referred to as "MM2K"), and he began writing about its benefits in the "Natural Supplement Review" and his subscriber-based newsletters.

The Bill Phillips Era

In 1994 Bill Phillips bought EAS from Almada and Byrd and became 100% owner of EAS until it was sold to North Castle Partners.

Phillips' subscriber base was the perfect platform from which to promote his new acquisition, and it was from here that the growth of EAS really began. He promoted the company's products through editorial-style advertising in MM2K and, led by products like Myoplex, Phosphagen and HMB, this eventually made EAS a major player in the dietary supplement industry.

EAS Sports Nutrition researched and manufactured supplements and nutrition products with precise, proven formulations based on the science of nutrition to help you get lean and toned or build quality muscle mass.

In 1999, North Castle Partners purchased EAS for $160 million. Phillips retained about one-third of the company, which it sold in 2004.

The acquisition from Abbot Laboratories

In 2005 EAS was purchased by Abbott Laboratories for about $320 million becoming a wholly owned division of Abbott, which also produced Similac and Guarantee.

The EAS product line under Abbott focused on protein bars for athletes and drink mixes and other similar products. Abbott expanded the stores that offered EAS supplements from niche stores like GNC to mainstream stores like Walmart and Target.

In March 2011, Abbott Laboratories exited the European and international markets under the EAS brand. The exit included the closure of domestic Canadian and UK operations and regional distribution in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Production of European products also ceased in 2011.

As of August 2018, the EAS brand is discontinued by Abbott Laboratories.