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Re-Kaged (940g) by Kaged Muscle - BodyNutrition
Re-Kaged (940g) by Kaged Muscle - BodyNutrition

Re-Kaged (940g)
by Kaged Muscle

Re-Kaged is a powdered protein supplement enriched with glutamine, creatine and betaine, ideal for use as a pre- and post-workout.


After years of research and development, i am proud to share with you a major breakthrough in protein and post-workout science.

Re-kaged is a game-changing anabolic protein that you can't live without if you are serious about adding size and strength. Supercharge your muscles with our lightning fast delivery of bcaas, eaas, caas, and naas from non-gmo whey protein isolate for maximum post- workout recovery.

Our bodies need all of the nine essential amino acids (eaas) in order to build muscle. Don't shortchange your results during this important anabolic window by using a post-workout product that only contains bcaas.

Although bcaas are important pre and intra workout for muscle energy, post workout is when you need a full spectrum amino acid profile for maximum growth. And recovery.

Each serving contains 28 g of non-gmo whey protein isolate, 7 g of glutamine and glutamic acid (4 g naturally occurring from wpi + 3 g of free form l-glutamine), patented betapower - betaine, patented creatine hcl and the super enzyme prohydrolase, which breaks down (hydrolyzes) whey protein into smaller particle sizes for maximum absorption. The difference between hydrolyzed whey and re-kaged's whey protein isolate plus prohydrolase is that with re-kaged the protein is hydrolyzed at the point of consumption vs. Being chemically treated during the manufacturing process into very small peptides and then dried.

As a matter of fact, if you don't drink re-kaged within 15-20 minutes of mixing you will start to taste the flavor get bitter like hydrolyzed whey protein. This is due to the ability of prohydrolase to rapidly hydrolyze (break down) the whey protein isolate.

Why re-kaged?

  • Whey protein isolate
  • Patented betapower
  • Fast acting
  • Prohydrolase
  • No soy
  • Patented creatine hcl
  • Non-gmo whey
  • Tastes amazing
  • Natural flavors
Isolated whey protein
Unit pricing measure
930 g
Unit pricing base measure
1 Kg
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