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Activite Sport 120 tablets by MHP - BodyNutrition

Activite Sport 120 tablets
by MHP

Activite Sport by MHP is a multivitamin supplement that offers a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals in combination with Spectra, a clinically proven blend of antioxidant and nitric oxide herbs.


25 Potently Dosed Vitamins & Minerals.
Fully Reacted Vitamin C & Activated Vitamin B Complex.
Chelated Minerals.
Spectra Clinically Tested Anti-oxidant Blend.
Powerful Anti-oxidants Help Reduce Free Radicals.
Boosts Nitric Oxide Over 60%.
29 Fruit, Herb, & Vegetable Extracts.
Comprehensive Digestive Enzyme Blend Supports Fat, Carbohydrate and Lipid Digestion & Absorption.
Time Released Formula.

Activite Sport delivers a full spectrum of activated and chelated vitamins and minerals potently dosed to provide the essential nutrients your active body requires to function at its best. Activite Sport also features Spectra, a clinically tested blend of 29 fruits, hebs and vegetable extracts, and a comprehensive digestive enzyme matrix that supports fat, carbohydrate and lipid digestion and absorption.

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