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Specialized nutritional supplements for bodybuilders

ProSupps specializes in sale of their own nutritional supplements aimed at reaching the fitness goals of each athlete.

This company was founded as a project of a group of young bodybuilders who loved strength training. They were fed up with oversaturated market with nutritional supplements that are produced by inexperienced people and not real fitness lovers. That's why they started producing specialized nutritional supplements for bodybuilders, passionate athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

ProSupps products, such as proteins, pre-workout stimulants or BCAA are made by nutritional experts in their own labs which are then tested straight in the gym. During their production, this company uses high-quality ingredients that exceed industrial standards.

It was not a case that T. J. Humphreys and Art Atwood met at the Arnold Classic in 2005. T. J. Humphreys, the former president and co-owner of Lone Star Distribution, has started working with Art and Professional Supplements as a distributor, while the Art has taught T. J. in his efforts to bodybuilding, the first in the United States in 2005, and then in the national 2006.

Together they wish to provide supplements of the highest possible quality through their highly qualified employees and dedicated, and a range of products unique and on the cutting edge. Continue with a programme of research and development output.

The vision of Pro Supp is to encourage a healthy life through exercise, diet, and integration. Create products specific to this vision and provide the tools to all customers ProSupps to achieve their personal goals of health and fitness.

Hyde Max Pump (280g) by Pro Supps | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Hyde Max Pump (280g)

€29.85 €50.60
Designed for MAXIMUM PUMP, strength and power, HYDE Max Pump maximizes blood flow to carry essential nutrients to muscle tissue for increased volume, vascularity and performance. 
HydroBCAA + Essentials by Pro Supps | Body Nutrition (EN)
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HydroBCAA + Essentials

Size : 414g 402g 390g
€31.95 €45.00
Hydro BCAA are instant amino acids containing 7 g of BCAA at a ratio of 2: 1: 1 and 3 g of EAA essential amino acids. The product dissolves perfectly in water, supports proper hydration and has a variety of refreshing flavours. Hydro BCAA is suitable as a nutritional supplement for regeneration after training.
Pro Supps L-Carnitine 3000 by Pro Supps | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Pro Supps L-Carnitine 3000

€30.51 €41.80
L-Carnitine is not a stimulant fat burner, and with the many other general health benefits L-Carnitine should be part of your supplement stack.
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