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Chemical Warfare was conceptualised and developed to provide you with the "ultimate edge" by optimizing your body chemistry giving you the ultimate advantage in the battle to beat your own goals or conquer your competitors whatever warzone you choose.

Welcome to The Warzone

You fight the battle in the warzone, be that your own mind, a gym, a football pitch, tennis court, MMA ring or race track. In that warzone it is you against you and you against your competitors to achieve the ultimate victory.

The human body is a "biochemical" machine where body chemistry is the key to mastering your potential. Our scientists and nutrition experts combined cutting edge chemistry, scientifically proven ingredients and state of the art manufacturing with advances in sports science to create the ultimate sports nutrition range - Chemical Warfare.

Chemical Warfare Background

Chemical Warfare is the ultimate culmination of decades of scientific research, advances in nutrition and state of the art British manufacturing expertise.

The founders of Chemical Warfare brought together leading experts from the fields of science, manufacturing and nutrition to create a range of supplementation that could be used by everybody to battle in their chosen warzone (athletic sport) to be the best they can be and achieve victory.

Chemical Warfare Accreditations

We are so confident in the quality of our products, we allow 3rd party checks by independent, reputable accreditation organizations to be made on a regular basis reassuring you of our commitment to quality and effectiveness.

Our Quality

Manufactured in state of the art manufacturing in the United Kingdom, Chemical Warfare supplements undergo a rigorous and scientific “3 STEP PROCESS”. Certified ISO 9001 , Halal.

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