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Founded in 2001 by William Llewellyn, Molecular Nutrition is dedicated to the research, development and clinical validation of innovative technologies and effective sports nutrition. With several u.s. patents granted and pending approval, Molecular has designed and produced some of the aids ergogenic the most effective that the industry has ever seen.

The primary mission of the Molecular Nutritin is not the marketing of nutritional products and supplements existing, but the beginning of new and exciting technologies that will have a lasting value in the community and athletics. In addition, the various proceeds are dedicated to the continued funding of independent clinical research of the University, which are designed to evaluate and verify the effectiveness of our products according to the strictest academic standards.

Supplements Molecular Nutritin have been studied by some of the most renowned universities, reviewed in some of the most prestigious journals in sports medicine and licensed by some of the most popular companies for sports supplements in the industry. Always thinking to the future opportunities of innovation and success, Molecular Nutrition is one of the few select companies that continue to allocate the majority of their income to research and development. They have millions of research documents in their patent portfolio.

Lipid Stabil 90 caps by Molecular Nutrition | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Lipid Stabil 90 caps
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Lipid Stabil by Molecular Nutrition is a supplement that regulates blood cholesterol levels and consequently an efficient circulatory system.
Liver Stabil 90 caps by Molecular Nutrition | Body Nutrition (EN)
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Liver Stabil 90 caps
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Liver Stabil by Molecular Nutrition is the most complete natural supplement available to help protect and detoxify the liver. With more than a dozen clinically researched liver health support ingredients, Liver Stabil specifically supports several key areas of liver health.
X-Factor 100 softgels by Molecular Nutrition | Body Nutrition (EN)
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X-Factor 100 softgels
Hormonal activators
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X factor supplement from Molecolar Nutrition is an ARASYN ™ arachidonic acid supplement for bodybuilders and athletes. Omega-6 fatty acid, arachidonic acid (ARA) supports the initiation of muscle protein synthesis after exercise. ARA is abundantly stored in muscle tissues, and these levels can fluctuate and decrease significantly following training.
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