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Innovative and high quality sports nutrition from PEAK

Peak has been an established brand and manufacturer in the field of sports nutrition since 2003. In English, peak means "top" and that is exactly what we aim for. We want to give competitive athletes, ambitious amateur athletes and nutrition-conscious people the best possible support for sport and the challenges of everyday life. The goal is for our customers to be able to summon up their maximum personal performance in all situations in life and support the achievement of their sporting goals with nothing less than the best possible.

Advantage through quality and knowledge

Thanks to Peak's extensive know-how in the field of sports supplements, complex products for all training goals have emerged over time. As a developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dietary supplements, Peak can look back on more than 25 years of experience. This concentrated knowledge is constantly implemented in the development and further development of the products. The latest scientific findings are always taken into account, but also critically questioned.

At Peak only high quality raw materials from selected suppliers are processed. Careful control and complaints, even with minor deviations from the norm, always guarantee high quality products. Raw materials are processed internally with the utmost care. Only in-house production ensures that the strict quality standards of Peak Performance products are met.

The team of experts in our own research and development department continuously researches nutrition and sports nutrition and evaluates relevant scientific studies, which are also taken into account when designing new products, flavours and innovations.

All Peak products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards according to HACCP, GMP, GLP, GSP and are 100% free of doping substances.

Our values and philosophy

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible support with a product range where we stand behind every single product and its effectiveness 100%. Sustainable satisfaction is at the heart of our efforts and personal contact with our customers is important to us.

Individual feedback, opinions and constructive criticism from our customers are very important to us and we look forward to every single piece of feedback, as it satisfies us with customer satisfaction and reveals an opportunity for direct improvement in the event of criticism.

As Peak stands for top products, special attention is paid to the exceptionally high quality of our supplements. At the same time, our range of high-quality products should always be offered at a fair price and at an optimum price-performance ratio. Our flexibility enables us to bring new innovations to the market at an early stage and to always be able to offer our customers the most advanced and best products.