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Swedish Supplements was founded in 2012 by a small group of dedicated people with long experience in the health/supplements industry. Today, almost 10 years later, we can proudly present a wide range of products with something for everybody.

Quality and customer satisfaction have always been key words in the business. We have products for the athlete that put quality and results first. Our entire range of products is based on the latest research findings and are innovative and unique. Swedish Supplements product range is formulated, developed, and produced entirely in Sweden. Production takes place in a strictly GMP certified environment, which guarantees safety and quality. The goal is to be “first with the latest and hottest” at a competitive price. First out in our product range came F#cked up which with its formula became trendsetting for what a first-class preworkout product should look like. Today it is one of Scandinavia’s most well-known and popular preworkoutproducts under the name Fucked Up Joker and as a convenient highly concentrated ready to drink shot.

Why choose Swedish Supplements?

Our experience in training and sports nutrition makes us understand what you, as an athlete or everyday exerciser need. Our knowledge in how to develop products to give you 100% satisfaction. Our products are only composed of carefully selected controlled ingredients. The manufacturing process is quality assured in every stage. Through dedicated work and a passion about training and sports performance, Swedish Supplements constantly develops exciting new flavors and products with the little extra for your training. Swedish quality when nothing but the best is good enough! Your health matters!