King Mass XL
by Ronnie Coleman

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Getting the scale up means taking in more calories than you burn: but it's also important to take in the right kind of calories. King Mass XL hits you with 500 calories per serving that accelerate growth by providing 30g of quality protein, 90g of carbs (only 12.5 sugars) and healthy fats.


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Ronie Coleman RCSS King Mass

Getting all the quality calories you need in a smoothie without being able to chug it down doesn't cut it. The King Mass XL flavor system delivers milkshake flavor with perfect blendability every time, making whisking your smoothie a pleasure not a thankless chore.

  • 30g of protein per serving!
  • Contains Creatine!
  • 500 calories
  • 90g carbohydrate matrix!

For your muscles to grow, you need to provide them with enough protein to get the job done. King Mass XL contains a whopping 30g of protein per serving to help keep your muscles nourished and in a state of growth.

In your quest to KING-SIZED MASS you're going to be hitting iron like a BEAST! That means you're going to need KING-SIZED RECOVERY. Flooding your muscles with protein and carbs in KING MASS XL™ will get your insulin spinning leading to increased GLYCOGEN reserves and recovery, getting you ready for your next brutal workout.

  • King Mass Gainer from RCSS Mass Builder!
  • The energy-rich product for hard gainers
  • Specially developed by RCSS to showcase impressive body mass and increase bulk
  • Plus creatine and glutamine in every daily portion
  • King Mass Gainer has been enriched with a vitamin complex that improves the absorption and utilization of the nutrients it contains.
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